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Hello! My name is Sarah Spence, the CEO and founder of Perspective Photography. I'm am a wedding photographer, lifestyle photographer, and videographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta. My approach to image creation is simple, but also diverse. I love the creative process and the incomproable feeling of seeing an incredible finished product. I shoot to impress not only my clients, but myself as well. Yes, breathtaking photographs as the end goal, but what I want most is for my clients to have a great experience, and to enjoy the entire process.

Edmonton Photographer / Videographer

I’m fortunate that my craft has allowed me to work with people all around the world. My restless heart cannot be purged of it’s wonderlust, nor be held back in it’s exploration of what our incredible world has to offer. It allows me to live my best life, to collaborate with and be surrounded by other artists who share in the passion of creating something new and inspiring. I see the world though many difference lenses. Photography isn’t just my profession, it’s my passion. I believe that all of life, every place, every person, has their own unique story, and I look forward to telling yours!