1. Photo galleries will remain on the website for up to one year. Please ensure you download them prior to that, as they may be deleted once the year has passed. If you have any issues with a link or a download, please contact us immediately, and we'll be more than happy to help you out.
  2. All photos taken by Sarah Spence are copyrighted, and belong to Sarah Spence Perspective Photography Ltd (hereby referred to as 'SSPP').
  3. Written consent is required for any commercial use of these photos (if the client or anyone else is making money from them, you must get permission first).
  4. Payment is due in full upon receipt of the photographs. Additional changes/edit are welcomed afterwards.
  5. Editing
    1. "Basic Editing" is included as standard in all packages (exposure, contast, toning, color, vignette, cropping, etc).
    2. "Advanced Editing" is not standard, and is provided when agreed upon for an extra fee at an hourly rate. This include area specific edits (eg: such as pimple removal)
  6. Contracts must be signed by both the photographer and the client to be valid. Both the photographer and client must have a signed copy prior to the commencement of the event.
  7. Under no circumstances will "all" photographs be provided. For example, we filter out: Burst fire shots which are duplicates, (eg: to account for closed eyes, subjects not looking at the camera, etc); Test shots for new lighting areas; Shots which are poorly framed or out of focus; Other photos not deemed relevant at the discresion of the photographer.
  8. Under no circumstances will the raw unedited photos be provided.
  9. We do provide all photos that fall within the standard set out by the photographer, at the sole discresion of the photographer.
  10. Our responsibilities are to the client, and only the client. We do not respect requests made by 3rd parties who are not involved in the contract.
  11. SSPP, nor the photographer, nor it's employees, nor the shoot location, shall be responsible for damage of any props, outfits, or any other items not owned by SSPP brought to the shoot by the client. The client is fully responsible for all apsects of their own items.
  12. On occation, a free photoshoot may be offered in exchange for their use in promotional material. For those shoots, all photos belong to SSPP and may or will be used in digital or print media.
  13. A client who recieves free photos, who has not paid for their photos, or who has an outstanding invoice, may not leave a negative review.
  14. Photography is art! You're hiring an artist because you like their work, and want to receive the quality of the work they provide. This is why we do not provide photos below our standard of quality, as it affects our reputation for maintaining a that level of quality.
  15. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. SSPP reserves the right to revoke the rights to use the photos, at the discresion of SSPP.
  16. Policies subject to change without notice.